Lent and ACHE

This is my 6th or 7th ACHE meeting in a row and the first I have attended on a non-drinker basis, due to the Lent Commitment I made with my son. Is it not interesting how we never notice all the people who drink until we do not, or how many of the cars we just bought are on the road, or how many people are unemployed when we are also unemployed?

So it is day 14 of the Lent Commitment and I have stayed particularly aware of this from 4-6 pm. What keeps me on the straight and narrow; 1) passion to succeed 2) sending the correct message to the audience I admire 3) leading by example – and my integrity. Also, I have substituted another behavior for the one I have given up. When the urge hits me, rather than give in, I go and exercise. I also have visualized me succeeding as I ride into Austin on the 2nd day of the MS150.

On a lighter note, a friend told me that for Lent – as he drank his beer – he gave up crack. My new conversations with old friends has certainly opened up some interesting dialogue.

Emotional Rehabilitation
Lent and Transition

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