Personal Networking During Transition for Healthcare Executives

A client sent me this email:
"Jim, I had a great recent success story with LinkedIn. Several months ago, I mistakenly sent LinkedIn invites to all of my email contacts! Several responded and "linkedIn." I recently updated my LinkedIn profile with my new interim position, and to my surprise LinkedIn sent messages to all of my contacts of my new role, to which I have rec'd 50+ "Congratulations" responses - all from a mistake I made several months ago. What a neat way to stay in touch with my network!"

The strength of this message wasn't how much LinkedIn did for him but showed how much personal networking he has done to get this type of response. This client has a relationship with these 50+ people or they would not have taken the time to send their congratulations. That is networking in its truest form.

In the beginning of their transition, most of our clients have a neglected personal network and struggle to pick up the phone and call their colleagues or past business associates Fortunately we have a tremendous network of healthcare executives across the country to introduce them to, growing each of our "circles of influence." Not once in my almost twenty years of executive outplacement and coaching can I remember someone telling me "networking doesn't work," instead more often than not we are told, "It's much easier than I thought! The names you gave me were so helpful, I think I can do this!"

Try it, and tell me your success stories....

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