Question for CEOs: What is the Most Important Aspect of Your Job?

Becker’s Hospital Review recently asked 14 healthcare CEO’s to describe the most important aspect of their job. Some of their responses may surprise you.

Annette Cantino, CEO of a commercial insurer in New Jersey, replied, “Early on, it was clear to me that if I was going to build a successful business, it was going to be about building relationships. I figured out that relationships were built in business on the golf course, and that’s when golf started becoming such an important part of my culture, even though I had never golfed before.”

Here are excerpts from some of the other responses:

● Place top performers in the right positions to manage day-to-day operations.

● Develop strong leadership and culture in their organization.

● Create a future destination for your organization.

● Foster and support our team's culture.

● Lead by example.

● Listen.

● Nurture an innovative environment.

● Emotionally engage each and every member of the team.

● Assemble an outstanding team and then get out of their way.

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