Hospital News Search Tool Provides Access to Key Information

A web-based search tool provided Billian’s Health Data provides access to a large database of hospital news, including mergers and acquisitions, renovation plans, facility openings, health technology rollouts, RFPs, c-suite hires and more.

An easy registration process (just name and e-mail address) allows you to search by region of the country or state, and then select a category such as:

● Mergers/Acquisitions
● Construction/Renovation
● Facility Openings
● Facility Closings
● Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
● Certificate of Need (COA) Announcements
● Health Information Technology
● Medical Equipment

“DBA Announcements” are also searchable, which includes hospital transitions in ownership, partnerships, name changes, rebranding, and new designations such as those involving hospitals that have changed trauma center certifications.

The information can be sorted by Date, Region or State, and all of the data is searchable by specific facilities as well as by free-form keywords, which allows easy filtering.

Billian’s is a market-research firm that sells industry information to vendors and providers, but it also provides free access to this database, which can help executives learn more about facilities of interest, including recent investments, divestitures, executive moves, etc. You can learn more by accessing the database at the link below.

Billian’s Hospital News and Vital Statistics Search:
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