Healthcare Job Growth Up 50 Percent

In a report issued last week, Altarum’s Center for Sustainable Health Spending (CSHS) noted a 50% increase in job growth across the healthcare industry, which added an average 22,600 new jobs per month over the previous six months. The report states that “solid continued growth seems likely” because the recent rate of job openings is the highest seen since before the economic downturn began.

CSHS issues monthly reports (link below) that are “designed to address significant shortcomings in the availability of timely economic data on the health sector, including employment, spending, and prices.”

Charles Roehrig, director of CSHS, stated, “Two months ago, we were seeing no acceleration in healthcare employment. However, with the upward revision to July and strong August and September growth, the picture has transformed into a significant jump in the second quarter that has continued through the third quarter.”

Highlights of the September 2014 report include the following:

>> Hospitals gained 6,200 jobs during September, compared with a 24-month average gain of 1,400.

>> Ambulatory healthcare services added 14,200 jobs last month, which is below the 24-month average gain of 16,000.

>> Ambulatory services accounted for 45% of healthcare employment, hospitals accounted for 33%, and nursing and residential care accounted for 22%.

>> Over the past 12 months, outpatient care centers grew at the fastest rate, 4.8%, while adding 33,000 jobs.

Altarum is a non-profit research organization with clients in the public and private sectors. For more information and to access the CSHS monthly reports, visit:
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