Harness the Power of Your Network

The perception of networking is generally thought of as something only needed when in transition.

Many don't realize that deepening and growing your current network consistently, even when gainfully employed, provides resources as well as some insurance for the future.

There is a direct correlation between the depth of your network and the length of your transition.

Individuals with strong networks don't seem to be in transition very long. These individuals realize a couple of things:

  • A large network is not enough, it must have depth. Depth refers to relationships that are more than business or transactional. Deeper relationships are developed by consistency, sincerity and making deposits. A deep network can provide resources, new ideas, and a potential competitive edge.
  • It's much easier to make connections when you are gainfully employed. There isn't any pressure so the relationship can develop at its own speed.
  • Networks need to be diverse. Connecting with people from various niches, age groups, genders, and ethnic groups within a targeted industry provides the best opportunity for success.
  • Making networking a part of your daily or weekly schedule keeps those skills at peak performance. Frequent connecting in small increments is better than larger increments infrequently utilized.

    Harness the power of your network and your career will progress further and more effectively.


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