Webinar: The Six Biggest Reasons Why Strategy and Execution Fail


1-2:30 p.m. EST, Tuesday, March 26

What's more important to your organization than its strategic plan? Probably nothing. Plan and implement well, and you'll drive the organization to unparalleled success. One misstep, though, and it's game over. To help you create a culture of accountability and execution, we've identified the six most common ways your strategic plan will fail. Join AchieveIt Founder & Chief Execution Officer, Scott Regan, for this free webinar that will help you turn vision and goals into real, meaningful, and tangible results.

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Scott Regan is the founder and chief execution officer of AchieveIt, a technology firm that specializes in strategy development and execution management. AchieveIt provides cloud-based tools and applications that allow their clients to execute smarter, faster, and better. Before launching the firm in March 2010, Scott served as an independent consultant, as well as the executive vice president of the Juran Institute, a global consulting firm that assists organizations with achieving breakthrough improvements in quality.

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