Drive Advancement in Your Organization

Are you creating and executing a roadmap that will assist you in moving up within your organization?

The whole concept of internal transition or advancement for executives I find is often neglected. Like overall career planning, without a roadmap, executives have no rudder or direction in mind.

As a result of having no real advancement direction or plan, these are the most prevalent outcomes:

  • Career growth in their current company is slow to nonexistent
  • They leave the organization too early and possibly create a negative ongoing pattern predictable change

Neglected areas are often:

  • No plan for growth within the organization
  • No key stakeholder list
  • Lack of appropriate self-promotion
  • Poor outcomes alignment with immediate boss
  • Weak political acumen
  • Ineffective soft skills
  • No clear vision and strategy
  • Lack of developing a strong team

These are certainly not all of the issues but key ones I often see. Setting a roadmap, following the path and focusing on the key areas needed for your success will help you reach your end goal. That next stop on the career path may be within your existing organization or you will be well positioned for that next opportunity outside the organization.

What is that old saying?

What is that old saying? "If you don’t know where you are going you will never get there."

Enjoy the drive!


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